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Name: Sophia...AKA Isis

Age: 16!!

Birthday: Oktober 2,1989

Where you at, doll?: Milwaukee, WI

First party: Ha..Jessicas house. lmao.

Favorite party: The ones that arent offical Just lot of frinds and alcohol.

Most recent party: see above

Next party you plan on going to: Whenever someone can find one or throw it.

Favorite color(s): black,Silver and Purple

Favorite DJ's: Oh...Da Rude

Favorite genre: Hevey Metal, Rock, Goth Rock, Death Metal...ect.

Tell us more about you: I like to party, but not at Raves. I like the "Friends only" Parties. I love Kandi, I have so many peices. Im apart of (LipsLikeCyanide) I love the whole "Dark" scene. And Corsets..omg there orgasmic. Im getting a "Rainbow Bright" one soon. Its off this girls Web Site, contact me to get it. shes amazing. I love to be electrik, hense the Kandi and im a total Makeup freak. The brihgter the better for me. Im never the same, Im always myslef.

Have any pictures you'd like to share? Me

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